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Korowai Room

Our warm indoor space provides a harmonious atmosphere, where the children are guided in and out of organised activities and free play, honouring the child’s play as their work. These activities include songs, puppet stories, drawing, painting, crafts, games, and preparation and sharing of food. The children come to appreciate this rhythm, which allows them to relax and flourish. There are spaces provided for circle time and play materials that foster the child’s natural sense of imagination.

Rangiatea Room


The junior room is mainly used for the little ones (2-3 year-olds). It is led by a fully qualified ECE Teacher and accommodates a maximum of six children. This smaller group has its own sleep space and their play is also age appropriate. Activities respect for (and trust in) the baby to be an initiator, an explorer and a self learner.


It’s an environment that is physically safe, cognitively challenging and emotionally nurturing for the children; one where they have time for uninterrupted play and the freedom to explore and interact with other children.


Our outdoor space is a large landscaped area that offers a variety of nature-oriented activities. This includes a space for animals, a vegetable garden and natural climbing structures.It honours the spirit of the season with planting, tasting and harvesting in the garden, picking flowers, growing bean-pole tepees and sunflowers, outdoor games and crafts, feeding the pigs, and lots of water play. 


Being on a farm helps us to provide a nurturing, supportive place for children to grow, learn and blossom. We have acres of natural spaces to explore; spaces that offer a wide range of opportunities for physical discovery, inspiration and creativity.