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“Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, let them go forth in freedom.”
Rudolf Steiner

Steiner Education is based on the understanding that every human being is a spiritual being on a purposeful life journey.

Our overarching priority is to support every child to fulfil his or her unique destiny and to provide him or her with firm foundations so that they can develop into a free, morally responsible and integrated person. We aspire to be part of this journey, creating a space that cherishes early childhood, within which:

• The whole child is recognised and accepted

• The process of learning is unhurried

• Whanau are an integral part of every day

• Relationships are respectful, responsive and reciprocal

• Every child is empowered to develop and sustain their own self-directed play



Te Reo

Oromahoe Kindergarten is an equitable learning environment that acknowledges the roles of all cultures within our community. As part of this, Tikanga (culture) and Te Reo Mãori are deeply ingrained in our daily curricula to help children embrace the spirit, uniqueness and heritage of Aotearoa and its people.


Sustainability and environmental care are highly valued at Oromahoe Kindergarten. They are woven throughout the curriculum and deeply entrenched in the centre’s operational practices in a variety of 

ways. Our aim is to teach children how to respect, take responsibility for and protect the natural world so that it can be preserved for generations to come.


We take pride in nurturing a deliberate eating culture, where home-cooking and the enjoyment of sharing meals in a harmonious environment is always emphasised. We provide high-quality, seasonal, vegetarian food, sourcing organic and fair trade items wherever possible. Food is prepared daily with the assistance of the children.



At Oromahoe Kindergarten, we provide a holistic learning environment that is underpinned by Rudolf Steiner philosophies. We focus on protecting and respecting the dignity of childhood, laying the foundations to support later learning and healthy development. This includes cognitive (hinengaro), physical (tinana), emotional (whatumanawa), spiritual (wairua), social and intellectual development. We strive to provide an atmosphere of loving warmth and guidance – an environment that feels secure, promotes joy, wonder and reverence – all of which support the healthy development of a child.



In line with Steiner philosophies, self-directed play is an essential and valued element of childhood and, as such, is central to our unhurried curriculum. This means allowing children to learn through real life experiences, as opposed to learning from screens.



Our daily life at Oromahoe Kindergarten is underpinned by rhythms and routines that protect Mãuri (life energy). A central part of Steiner teaching, these rhythms build a sense of security, continuity, wellbeing, belonging and wholeness of life within each child.



Nature is another integral part of our center. We value Papatuanuku as an important teacher – nature herself provides the possibilities to learn and grow, and her wisdom has no limits. We teach the children to cherish the natural world and embrace sustainability principles.



We acknowledge the contribution of parents and whanau, and see their input as an essential part of our curriculum and daily practices. These interactions with trusted adults allow children to learn through imitation, as they experience new movements and sensations.



The curriculum and pedagogy (approaches of teaching) reflect our philosophy and align with Te Whãriki (the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum, MOE 2017). The principles of this curriculum are based on the four foundation principles of Te Whãriki:

•  Empowerment / Whakamana

•  Holistic Development / Kotahitanga

•  Family & Community / Whãnau tangata

•  Relationship / Ngã hononga

The additional principles below embody what is held to be
important in a Steiner/Waldorf early childhood environment.

•  Curriculum and pedagogy based on child development

•  Education of the whole child

•  Acknowledging an education for head, heart and hands

•  The unhurried curriculum: readiness for learning

The strands and goals arise from the principles and are woven into Oromahoe Kindergarten’s curriculum to reflect diversity and the philosophical choices of our Steiner community. They spell out the basic needs and rights of all children and complement our commitment to Steiner pedagogy.

Our Staff

Here to guide, nurture and inspire


My family of five originated in Germany. We  travelled extensively before settling
in New Zealand in 1998.


I found my passion within the Rudolf Steiner philosophy and it has been my dream to build a kindergarten that provides a warm, secure and homelike environment for children;
a place in which childhood is honoured and children are given the gift of time. 

Dip of Teaching Early Childhood,

NZ Steiner Teacher Dip - Early Childhood, NZ Steiner Teacher Cert - Early Childhood


Teacher / Center Manager


Kia Ora. Ko Tracey ahau. I grew up in a small farming community in the lower North  Island. My partner and I spent six years on Waiheke Island before venturing north.


I am passionate about Steiner Education and working with young children to support and facilitate their learning and creative abilities in a holistic way. It is a real privilege to join the fabulous group of staff and teachers here at Oromahoe Kindergarten who recognise and nurture the sense of wonder and discovery in the precious early years.

Dip of Teaching Early Childhood,

Dip - Te Ara Reo Maori




I was born and raised in Zimbabwe and moved to the Bay of Islands when I was 6 years old. 

Discovering my passion for working with children, I moved to Auckland to attend AUT university.  It was through my studies that I was introduced to Steiner Education. Finding resonance with the philosophy I took the opportunity to specialize in Steiner Education in my last year of study.

I would describe myself as a warm, loving, gentle and empathic teacher, with a strong sense of purpose to nurture our future generations with deep love, respect and understanding. 

Bach of Education - ECE Steiner Speciality




Both of my girls attended Oromahoe and I have been working at the Kindergarten since it opened in 2012. Like the rest of the staff,  I am passionate about Steiner Education and enjoy working with the children through this philosophy, watching them grow into creative, confident learners.


NZ Steiner Teacher Cert  - Early Childhood


Kaiako / Assistant


My husband and I live on our small property in Pakaraka. We are parents to three girls and a boy, and foster parents to two more beautiful girls.


I am a Kaiako/Assistant at Oromahoe Kindergarten and I thoroughly enjoy my
days working with the children, watching them grow and develop as they ready themselves for their next adventure. I consider myself privileged to be able to spend this time with your children.


Kaiako / Assistant


I grew up in rural Waikato. After a 10-year stint in Queensland, Australia, I returned to New Zealand and settled here in Kerikeri, where I have for the past 3 years.

I have two children and we are loving the Northland lifestyle – exploring the beaches, enjoying the fishing and soaking up all the quality time with whanau.


I joined the wonderful team here at Oromahoe Kindergarten recently, in the role of Administrator, and am very much looking forward to my new journey here. It’s a wonderful place to be.



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